Kampung Sampireun, Truly Amazing Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

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Have you ever heard a place called Kampung Sampireun? As a tourism object, Kampung Sampireun is famous. Many people say, that this place is quite romantic and a lot of people use for their honeymoon. 

Kampung Sampireun is situated in Sukakarya village, 10km of south of Garut (Samarang). To achieve it, you can through the narrow village roads and densely populated enough. The following area is in an area of 5.5 hectares with lakes inside, namely Situ Sampireun which has 1.5 hectares at an altitude of ± 1,000 meters above sea level.

When you arrive at Kampung Sampireun Garut, the first natural panorama that can be enjoyed is a view of a lake covering an area 1.5 hectares with a bamboo-walled houses overlooking the lake. The atmosphere is thick with Sundanese village atmosphere complete with gazebos, Sundanese cuisine and Sundanese music.

With a tranquil rural landscape with cool mountain air, you can feel the gentle breeze and the rustling bamboo trees blowing in the wind which accompaniment of Sundanese musis while sitting on gazebo and inhaling the cool air. Romantic is not it?

Sampireun Village offers all the simplicity as well as comfort facilities you need for your honeymoon. With beautiful scenery and peaceful environment, clean and fresh air make this resort the perfect place for couples who want to go to honeymoon.

Every weekend the resort where guests unwind which is covering approximately four hectars is fully charged. However, on normal days only a few guests who stop by here.

Kampung Sampireun is a resort with the touch of traditional sundanese village, having arranged harmoniously, the resort establishes the theme “Tropical Garden Lust” its also preserves the bamboo garden that gives you a calm romantic chill nuance when the wind blows softly through the area.

Hundred of palm and bamboos sway gently in balmy hill breezes scanted with the parfume of “Frangipani” and “Hibiscus” with also add an exotic resort.

This luscious retreat, with its traditional sundanese architecture leafs roofs, secluded courtyard terraces and private garden. It’s surrounding a uniqe blend timeless charm and modernity.

A most enchanted resort for couples who yearn for unique and wonderful honeymoon where every guest will be pampered and the romantic scenery ensures an unforgettable experience.

Now modern traveler have a uniqe opportunity to experience the wonder and beauty of magical “parahyangan land” from the comfort of “Kampung Sampireun”.

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