The Great Pyramid of Garut?

Your phenomenon of “Garut Pyramid” entirely on a attach inside Garut, West Espresso, offers prompted the traditional Devastating Devastation Group for you to carry out affirmation.

The actual affirmation is completed to ascertain the presence of a new man-made structure that will formed Mount Putri in Garut employing Superstring geo-electric tools. The geo-electric equipment were chosen for you to scan geological tiers around the mountain simply by calculating their resistivity.

In the created assertion obtained by VIVAnews, Friday, Dec Nineteen, a member of the standard Devastating Disaster Staff, Iwan Sumule, declared that the results from the geo-electric instruments inside Twenty yards and also 15 yards electrodes demonstrated that there was the side unconformity about the breach (reddish) stones inside all around 120 metres in the summit.

The actual finding implies that the right-side attack branch appears to form the landscape morphological starting that has similar topographical elevation with Cirahong area. Then, the actual One hundred twenty meter-limit usually coincide with the bottom of an higher climbing topography, in which the boulders change red.

Additionally, the results with the geo-electric devices within just Five and 3 meters expand East-West along with North-South confirmed the final outcome that this structure is especially improbable being regarding normal enhancement.

The result of Animations contours plot of land topographical digital camera information together with Five multimeter quality IFSAR provides backed your theory there is present a good anomaly enhancement made from sinder spool slope geological course of action found on a new side unconformity breach foundation. Furthermore, your excavation content origin emanates from Cirahong area that was located 1-2 a long way from the summit associated with Attach Putri. It can be verified how the substance quantity coming from Cirahong pit is comparable to the fabric volume from Install Putri.

The C14 as well as tests result demonstrated that the age of the standard top garden soil layer which has been analyzed through carbon dioxide dating C14 within BATAN is 6000 British columbia. Meanwhile, age of a lot more garden soil covering underneath can be 7500 B . c .. If there's any kind of hard soil composition within the coating, then a age group can be older.

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