Fun & Adventure Rafting Cimanuk River

There are two rivers ideal for rafting activities namely Cimanuk river Garut with long adventure river about 2 hours and finish point in Garut city, this is a rafting route for the beginner to grade 3. While the Cikandang river with a long adventure river about 4 hours to finish points at Cijayana beach a whitewater rafting adventure with grade 4-5. A water sports adventure that will satisfy your sense of adventure soul satisfaction.

Family Rafting
Start in Jager about 6 km north of Garut and finished in Cinunuk bridge with rapids that are very fun to be enjoyed by your children while enjoying a thick bamboo garden that pulled into the river and saw several rafts crossing the unique population.

Fun Rafting
A bit more challenging with a lot of fun rapids, helping relieve stress your work load with shouts and laughter loose while accompanied by fish-eating birds are colorful and some small waterfalls as the scenery is amazing.

Adventure Rafting
For the true adventurer this is our offering to you with clean mountain water and nature are very natural, vertical cliffs as if giving a special way for us and its rapids are very challenging for us to enjoy as a gift to satisfy your outdoor hobbies. Some rare natural phenomena you will encounter here and when you reach the finish scenery as far as the eye could see the ocean from Indonesia that gallant and blue ocean will greet you with a very stunning.

Only 4 hours from Jakarta, 2 hours from Bandung, only in Garut finish rafting in the middle of city, only Garut sulfur hot springs that have the most nodes. Only Garut is surrounded by eight volcanoes, only Garut that has the most complete natural tourist attraction, mountains, jungle, ocean, beaches, craters, waterfalls, lakes, temples, golf, rafting and other adventures, local food and a mountain of satisfaction that will spoil you in Garut.