Travel Guide to Papandayan Mountain

Decorated with mountains which extend in every corner makes the city of Garut enticing travelers to stop. The contour of mountains which is exotic with fertile soil dressing makes Garut be tourist's favorite since long time ago.

Recorded in 1910, Officieel Touristen Bureau, Weltevreden call Garut as Paradijs van het Oosten (heaven from the east). In the era, the various supporting facilities for easy access to visit such as railroad was built connecting the Station Cibatu and Station  Cikajang. Natural beauty and friendliness of the locals make Garut get the nickname Switzerland van Java by Charlie Caplin in two tour in 1927 and 1933. Even the Dutch queen, Wilhelmina-has ever had a retreat in this city.

Mountain ranges that surround Garut city like Mount Guntur, Cikuray and Papandayan made landscape which offers adrenaline for tourists to grab them. This time I will only talk about Mount papandayan. The mountain is located 29 km from Garut regency, West Java, precisely in the District Cisurupan, has a height of 2665 meters above sea level.

Mount Papandayan can be reached from Bandung by vehicles via two alternative path. The first alternative route, through the town of Garut (long trip around 2 hours), then headed to Cisurupan District (journey about 20 minutes long), and from there proceed to Kawah Mas (long travel about 25 minutes). The second alternative road, through Pangalengan, past the growing region of South Garut (plantations Sedep and  Malabar) to plantations Cileuleuy (long trip about 3 hours), from here proceed to Kawah Mas (long travel about 30 minutes).

Papandayan mountain tourist area is suitable for novice climbers. In addition do not need much complete preparation as the climbers professional (nature lovers.) The contour of sloping land Papandayan has established a safe route making it easier for anyone to climb until it reaches the lip of the crater.

The mountain also has a sulfur craters that are still active and there are several well-known craters including Kawah Mas, Kawah Baru, Kawah Nangklak, and Kawah Manuk. Those Craters are producing steam from inside. Not only that, the crowded field of Eidelweis which covers tens of acres and many trees of Mutiara Putih (White Pearl) make this place is interesting to visit too. 

For a lot of, hiking is really a useless tiring activity. They thought there’s no point of investing time and resources passing via a wild jungle with damn cold air on the way just to rest inside a tent, cook and eat some simple and instant foods, and obtain the summit. I‘d been thinking this way before I try my first hiking experience and I‘d been wrong. Believe me, It‘s awesome and starts getting me addicted of them.

All of your tiring journey will certainly be repaid by its beautiful scenery on the way, fresh air, awesome view in the top and satisfying feeling whenever you obtain the top. Also, I do not have idea why any sorts of food you cook will certainly be extremely delicious.

Haha. FYI, I‘ve tasted uncooked beef corned when I‘d been in mount Puntang and It was eventually very very very delicious. Sounds magic, rite? Although I never been enjoying eating some inside the town.

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