Talaga Bodas Wanaraja

Last article HDG Team Garut Tour Guide try to post about Cipanas Garut and this morning we are published abour Talaga Bodas Garut.  A friend described how beautiful the scenery on earth of Parahyangan. Land contour which is interesting with hills and valleys that radiate majesty, fertile soil that supports resident inhabitants. One of the beauty that exists is contour and tourist attractions available in Garut.

Therefore, Garut potential with so many tourism objects with various primacy, especially its beauty natural panorama. Tourist attraction in Garut can be classified into three categories namely natudal tourism, sports tourism and historic tourism. One of the natural attractions that exist in Garut is Talaga Bodas.

Talagabodas crater-shaped lake is situated in northern mountain Talaga bodas, Wanaradja village, 27 km east of the city of Garut. Water of Talaga bodas crater often turbulent and changing color. From one edge of the lake is visible plume of smoke soared from hot springs.

Walking along the edge of the lake to go places that are rich in sulfur vapor, really interesting. Various color layer / crust of soil mixed with wood knob look harmonious and beautiful to behold. In some places, the source of sulfur in small-scale steam emerging from the ground, causing a bubble and a unique sound when mixed with water. Larger source of water caused a furore with a thunderous sound, sometimes accompanied by bursts / springboard water.

In this area there are also forest tours, nature reserves and tomb figures disseminator of Islam named Kian Santang or Sunan Godog.

If you have any free time or go to a vacation, try on occasion to visit the town of Garut and you will believe that not only Bali is the beautiful part of Indonesia, but also Garut.

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