Santolo Beach | Pantai Santolo

Garut is not only famous for its The Best Garut Tour Guide HDG Team Trip Planner & Event organizer, Cipanas Garut or Talaga Bodas but one of popular beach in Garut district is Santolo Beach / Pantai Santolo. Located in Cikelet, south of Garut city center or so-called southern Garut, mileage within 3.5 hour drive or about 88 km.

This beach is well known in the city of Bandung and is a tourist destination. Santolo Beach region is a gathering of traditional fishermen who will be developed into a beautiful tourist destination. It is also an area for fishing activities as a dock (port) fishing vessel or boat that is in Pameungpeuk.

Enjoying coastal panorama and marine tourism is an activity that can be done. There are also charter boats that serve the tourists to enjoy the pounding surf south coast which is quite challenging. In addition we can enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. Facilities required by tourists is available such as inns, souvenir stalls at affordable prices.

For those who ever visited Santolo beach, Pemeungpeuk South Garut, may be said that Santolo beach more beautiful than Kuta Beach Bali.

The impression arises when people looked up from behind the mangrove trees that grow in the beautiful seaside scenery covering Sentolo Beach. From the highway, people can not see the beach, as it is covered by mangrove forest. But after barging through mangrove forests growing along the coast, then people see how Santolo, indeed more beautiful than Kuta Bali.

It has white sand. It seems whiter than the sand on the beach in Sanur or Kuta Bali. No large rocks along the shore. There is only a stretch of white sand as far as the eye could see.

The seawater is light. The waves roll soaring, repeatedly hit the beach. The sound of waves broke the silence as well as eliminating fatigue, and stress. If you want to try out the beauty of Santolo Beach pelase contact the Best Garut Tour Guide at or

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