Romantic Candle Light Dinner at Monument of Love Kampung Sampireun

Few days ago, I and my wife (without 's' LOL) went to enjoy ourself and saw the "Monument of Love" Kampung Sampireun Garut. Eventhough the weather was cold, my wife looked very happy. Wow, she got the opportunity to kissed the me too, coz my wife V3 Priyanti love me very much ha ha ha. We took some picture there as well.
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These days, I am really spend the time with my wife, nobody can disturb us. I just realized that become a "househusband" (I do not know the correct terminology can be used), really make me tired. My wife which 30 years old is so energetic. In the evening I have to bathe her, hereafter I must feed her too. After these two activities finish, I spend the time to 'play a lot of thing' with her. 

Yoga & V3

We are so happy, because we know that we don't have much time to be together.  All these activities make me have no time to do blogging anymore. More than one week I did not touch any computer, everytime ... everywhere at Kampung Sampireun KopiTozie just 'touch her wife' :).

Who does not know Monument of Love at Kampung Sampireun Lake? Dou you ever try Candlelight Dinner on a Floating Bamboo Raft Kampung Sampireun Garut? Spending your Romantic Dinner at 'Monument of Love' Kampung Sampireun is truly exceptional indeed. The Resort surrounded by mountains ensures a peace full, hormonious and exotic nuence far away from hectic city life. Honeymooners will be spoilt numerous special touches adding to the experience.

Talent : Indra & Icha

Kampung Sampireun Lake is a tourist spot located at Samarang subdistrict, 13 km from Garut city center, 65 km from the city of Bandung and takes 4 hours drive from the city Jakarta, along the way to the lake Kampung Sampireun you will be treated to views of the vast expanse of paddies and beautiful. 

Sampireun Lake is the best lake in the town of Garut, being self interest for the visitors who saw the on the Sampireun Lake with equipment which is still very traditional. Kampung Sampireun in the company of lots of goldfish. All along the way to the bungalow the revelation of Kampung Sampireun continues in this romantic setting inspired by natural scenery.

Talent : Indra & Icha

At Kampung Sampireun Lake you can surround the lake's famous legend "monument of love" with this by using a bamboo raft, and relax in the lake region Sampireun that many shady trees make the visitors feel comfortable with the atmosphere of calm and gentle winds that will pamper you, It is suitable for visitors who bring a mate because this Kampung Sampireun Lake is very romantic place.

Kampung Sampireun is a recommended place to go for honeymoon or just try Romantic Candle Light Dinner PAckage at Monument of Love Kampung Sampireun . The package is quite affordable and give value for money. Candle light dinner on top of the lake was a unique experience, Overall good relaxing environment.

If you think candle light dinner is romantic, try Kampung Sampireun floating candle light dinner package. 
  • Candlelight Dinner on a Floating Bamboo Raft
  • Room Service by Canoe  
  • Photo Couple  at Monument of Love Kampung Sampireun
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