Cipanas Garut

Do you know that Indonesia has so many beautiful places? If you love to travel and explore Indonesia's local area, I am sure you will agree that Indonesia was beautiful, in any part Indonesia, there's always a beautiful place to visit.

There is a place in West Java that holds so much beauty of natural panorama, which unfortunately probably not everyone knows. If you ever hear the name of town of Garut, that's what I mean, the town where CEO HDG Team Trip Planner & Tour Organizer Kopitozie aka Yoga Regawa Indra was born and lived until today. 

Garut town, which is a county located in the area of West Java. In the past, the Dutch colonial era, it's name is Limbangan regency, then converted into Garut regency, maybe some Garut's residence also do not know about this. Since Garut so beautiful, many people are calling it as Swiss Van Java.

What sights of interest in Garut which is a mountainous region? Wow, there are many tourist attractions there. Garut regency save a lot of tourism potential such as Papandayan mount, Cipanas Garut, Crater Kamojang, Candi (Temple) Cangkuang, rafting in Cimanuk or tour in Rancabuaya beach. Trust me, you will not regret if someday later you visit tourist attractions in Garut to fill your vacation.

One of the nice place that I referred to above is a bathhouse Cipanas Garut which is one of the leading tourism of Garut regency. Located 6 km from Garut, exactly at the foot of Guntur mount. Cipanas  is the best bathing place because it contains sulphur so that it can to treat various skin diseases. Garut Tourism Department claims that the hot water in Cipanas is most clear in Indonesia so many people linger to soak in Cipanas Garut.

With resort facilities, hotels and restaurants with so many classes, swimming pool, soak rooms, and accessibility which are very easy, make Cipanas as pre-eminent objects in Garut.

For those of you who like rafting, Garut also has the potential for rafting which is very challenging with beautiful views, precisely in the two rivers namely Cikandang and Cimanuk.

Besides the places mentioned above, if you like historic heritage buildings, Garut also has Cangkuang Temple, a heritage of  VII century, is situated on an island in the middle of the lake Cangkuang , where there are six traditional house is called Kampung Pulo. There, you can also surround the lake Cangkuang using bamboo raft of local tourism community while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Actually there are some more others beautiful places that I have not mentioned, but I'll write it in my next post.

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