Guntur Mountain Cipanas

Guntur Mountain is one of the mountain which is owned by Garut city which is located in the Dukuh sub-village, Pananjung Village, Tarogong Kaler sub-district. This mountain has a total area of approximately 250 hectares of which still form an open area, and wholly managed by the BKSDA West Java II. Guntur Mountain region is located 3 km from the Tarogong Kaler sub-district and 7 km from Garut city center.

Mount Guntur an active volcano with volcanic activity has a height of 2,000 m above sea level and has a crater that contained in one peak. Mount Guntur has a unique landscape character which has three hills at its peak, each hill has a height of 1000 m (from the foot of the mountain), 1200 m and 1300 m the highest peak.

This mountain has an appeal of a challenging mountain terrain, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, natural panorama and craters. Mount Guntur has the general configuration of mountainous land with a very steep slope and a soil material in the form of rocky sand. For the stability of the soil is relatively unstable region, with high levels of catastrophic landslide and soil and adequate soil absorption. Guntur Mountain area has not been intensively developed to be a tourist area, only Mount Guntur many visited explorers and serve as areas for camping, hiking and tracking.

In the area of Mount Guntur, there are no facilities and infrastructure that support tourism activities. This occurs because the region of Mount Guntur has not received special attention by the local government to be developed into an area that can be used for sport tourism activities, especially the gladding. But there are facilities to support the one shelter with a sufficient condition contained in the location of Citiiis Waterfalls.

To reach the foothills of Guntur to use public transportation cost Rp. 2.000/person with majoring in Garut - Cipanas Garut which operates from 5:00 am to 21:00 pm, or to use traditional transportation in the form of horse-drawn carriage (wagon) with a tariff of Rp. 5.000/person. Accessibility to go to Guntur Mountain area by using the road sub-district that has a width of 3 m and a length of 3 km with good condition, then entered the village street which has a width of 2-3 meters and a length of 2 km that have reasonably good condition, and there are also footpath with a width of 0.5-1 m with a fairly good condition.

Romantic Candle Light Dinner at Monument of Love Kampung Sampireun

Few days ago, I and my wife (without 's' LOL) went to enjoy ourself and saw the "Monument of Love" Kampung Sampireun Garut. Eventhough the weather was cold, my wife looked very happy. Wow, she got the opportunity to kissed the me too, coz my wife V3 Priyanti love me very much ha ha ha. We took some picture there as well.
Talent : Indra & Icha

These days, I am really spend the time with my wife, nobody can disturb us. I just realized that become a "househusband" (I do not know the correct terminology can be used), really make me tired. My wife which 30 years old is so energetic. In the evening I have to bathe her, hereafter I must feed her too. After these two activities finish, I spend the time to 'play a lot of thing' with her. 

Yoga & V3

We are so happy, because we know that we don't have much time to be together.  All these activities make me have no time to do blogging anymore. More than one week I did not touch any computer, everytime ... everywhere at Kampung Sampireun KopiTozie just 'touch her wife' :).

Who does not know Monument of Love at Kampung Sampireun Lake? Dou you ever try Candlelight Dinner on a Floating Bamboo Raft Kampung Sampireun Garut? Spending your Romantic Dinner at 'Monument of Love' Kampung Sampireun is truly exceptional indeed. The Resort surrounded by mountains ensures a peace full, hormonious and exotic nuence far away from hectic city life. Honeymooners will be spoilt numerous special touches adding to the experience.

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Kampung Sampireun Lake is a tourist spot located at Samarang subdistrict, 13 km from Garut city center, 65 km from the city of Bandung and takes 4 hours drive from the city Jakarta, along the way to the lake Kampung Sampireun you will be treated to views of the vast expanse of paddies and beautiful. 

Sampireun Lake is the best lake in the town of Garut, being self interest for the visitors who saw the on the Sampireun Lake with equipment which is still very traditional. Kampung Sampireun in the company of lots of goldfish. All along the way to the bungalow the revelation of Kampung Sampireun continues in this romantic setting inspired by natural scenery.

Talent : Indra & Icha

At Kampung Sampireun Lake you can surround the lake's famous legend "monument of love" with this by using a bamboo raft, and relax in the lake region Sampireun that many shady trees make the visitors feel comfortable with the atmosphere of calm and gentle winds that will pamper you, It is suitable for visitors who bring a mate because this Kampung Sampireun Lake is very romantic place.

Kampung Sampireun is a recommended place to go for honeymoon or just try Romantic Candle Light Dinner PAckage at Monument of Love Kampung Sampireun . The package is quite affordable and give value for money. Candle light dinner on top of the lake was a unique experience, Overall good relaxing environment.

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Travel Guide to Papandayan Mountain

Decorated with mountains which extend in every corner makes the city of Garut enticing travelers to stop. The contour of mountains which is exotic with fertile soil dressing makes Garut be tourist's favorite since long time ago.

Recorded in 1910, Officieel Touristen Bureau, Weltevreden call Garut as Paradijs van het Oosten (heaven from the east). In the era, the various supporting facilities for easy access to visit such as railroad was built connecting the Station Cibatu and Station  Cikajang. Natural beauty and friendliness of the locals make Garut get the nickname Switzerland van Java by Charlie Caplin in two tour in 1927 and 1933. Even the Dutch queen, Wilhelmina-has ever had a retreat in this city.

Mountain ranges that surround Garut city like Mount Guntur, Cikuray and Papandayan made landscape which offers adrenaline for tourists to grab them. This time I will only talk about Mount papandayan. The mountain is located 29 km from Garut regency, West Java, precisely in the District Cisurupan, has a height of 2665 meters above sea level.

Mount Papandayan can be reached from Bandung by vehicles via two alternative path. The first alternative route, through the town of Garut (long trip around 2 hours), then headed to Cisurupan District (journey about 20 minutes long), and from there proceed to Kawah Mas (long travel about 25 minutes). The second alternative road, through Pangalengan, past the growing region of South Garut (plantations Sedep and  Malabar) to plantations Cileuleuy (long trip about 3 hours), from here proceed to Kawah Mas (long travel about 30 minutes).

Papandayan mountain tourist area is suitable for novice climbers. In addition do not need much complete preparation as the climbers professional (nature lovers.) The contour of sloping land Papandayan has established a safe route making it easier for anyone to climb until it reaches the lip of the crater.

The mountain also has a sulfur craters that are still active and there are several well-known craters including Kawah Mas, Kawah Baru, Kawah Nangklak, and Kawah Manuk. Those Craters are producing steam from inside. Not only that, the crowded field of Eidelweis which covers tens of acres and many trees of Mutiara Putih (White Pearl) make this place is interesting to visit too. 

For a lot of, hiking is really a useless tiring activity. They thought there’s no point of investing time and resources passing via a wild jungle with damn cold air on the way just to rest inside a tent, cook and eat some simple and instant foods, and obtain the summit. I‘d been thinking this way before I try my first hiking experience and I‘d been wrong. Believe me, It‘s awesome and starts getting me addicted of them.

All of your tiring journey will certainly be repaid by its beautiful scenery on the way, fresh air, awesome view in the top and satisfying feeling whenever you obtain the top. Also, I do not have idea why any sorts of food you cook will certainly be extremely delicious.

Haha. FYI, I‘ve tasted uncooked beef corned when I‘d been in mount Puntang and It was eventually very very very delicious. Sounds magic, rite? Although I never been enjoying eating some inside the town.

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Santolo Beach | Pantai Santolo

Garut is not only famous for its The Best Garut Tour Guide HDG Team Trip Planner & Event organizer, Cipanas Garut or Talaga Bodas but one of popular beach in Garut district is Santolo Beach / Pantai Santolo. Located in Cikelet, south of Garut city center or so-called southern Garut, mileage within 3.5 hour drive or about 88 km.

This beach is well known in the city of Bandung and is a tourist destination. Santolo Beach region is a gathering of traditional fishermen who will be developed into a beautiful tourist destination. It is also an area for fishing activities as a dock (port) fishing vessel or boat that is in Pameungpeuk.

Enjoying coastal panorama and marine tourism is an activity that can be done. There are also charter boats that serve the tourists to enjoy the pounding surf south coast which is quite challenging. In addition we can enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. Facilities required by tourists is available such as inns, souvenir stalls at affordable prices.

For those who ever visited Santolo beach, Pemeungpeuk South Garut, may be said that Santolo beach more beautiful than Kuta Beach Bali.

The impression arises when people looked up from behind the mangrove trees that grow in the beautiful seaside scenery covering Sentolo Beach. From the highway, people can not see the beach, as it is covered by mangrove forest. But after barging through mangrove forests growing along the coast, then people see how Santolo, indeed more beautiful than Kuta Bali.

It has white sand. It seems whiter than the sand on the beach in Sanur or Kuta Bali. No large rocks along the shore. There is only a stretch of white sand as far as the eye could see.

The seawater is light. The waves roll soaring, repeatedly hit the beach. The sound of waves broke the silence as well as eliminating fatigue, and stress. If you want to try out the beauty of Santolo Beach pelase contact the Best Garut Tour Guide at or

Talaga Bodas Wanaraja

Last article HDG Team Garut Tour Guide try to post about Cipanas Garut and this morning we are published abour Talaga Bodas Garut.  A friend described how beautiful the scenery on earth of Parahyangan. Land contour which is interesting with hills and valleys that radiate majesty, fertile soil that supports resident inhabitants. One of the beauty that exists is contour and tourist attractions available in Garut.

Therefore, Garut potential with so many tourism objects with various primacy, especially its beauty natural panorama. Tourist attraction in Garut can be classified into three categories namely natudal tourism, sports tourism and historic tourism. One of the natural attractions that exist in Garut is Talaga Bodas.

Talagabodas crater-shaped lake is situated in northern mountain Talaga bodas, Wanaradja village, 27 km east of the city of Garut. Water of Talaga bodas crater often turbulent and changing color. From one edge of the lake is visible plume of smoke soared from hot springs.

Walking along the edge of the lake to go places that are rich in sulfur vapor, really interesting. Various color layer / crust of soil mixed with wood knob look harmonious and beautiful to behold. In some places, the source of sulfur in small-scale steam emerging from the ground, causing a bubble and a unique sound when mixed with water. Larger source of water caused a furore with a thunderous sound, sometimes accompanied by bursts / springboard water.

In this area there are also forest tours, nature reserves and tomb figures disseminator of Islam named Kian Santang or Sunan Godog.

If you have any free time or go to a vacation, try on occasion to visit the town of Garut and you will believe that not only Bali is the beautiful part of Indonesia, but also Garut.

Cipanas Garut

Do you know that Indonesia has so many beautiful places? If you love to travel and explore Indonesia's local area, I am sure you will agree that Indonesia was beautiful, in any part Indonesia, there's always a beautiful place to visit.

There is a place in West Java that holds so much beauty of natural panorama, which unfortunately probably not everyone knows. If you ever hear the name of town of Garut, that's what I mean, the town where CEO HDG Team Trip Planner & Tour Organizer Kopitozie aka Yoga Regawa Indra was born and lived until today. 

Garut town, which is a county located in the area of West Java. In the past, the Dutch colonial era, it's name is Limbangan regency, then converted into Garut regency, maybe some Garut's residence also do not know about this. Since Garut so beautiful, many people are calling it as Swiss Van Java.

What sights of interest in Garut which is a mountainous region? Wow, there are many tourist attractions there. Garut regency save a lot of tourism potential such as Papandayan mount, Cipanas Garut, Crater Kamojang, Candi (Temple) Cangkuang, rafting in Cimanuk or tour in Rancabuaya beach. Trust me, you will not regret if someday later you visit tourist attractions in Garut to fill your vacation.

One of the nice place that I referred to above is a bathhouse Cipanas Garut which is one of the leading tourism of Garut regency. Located 6 km from Garut, exactly at the foot of Guntur mount. Cipanas  is the best bathing place because it contains sulphur so that it can to treat various skin diseases. Garut Tourism Department claims that the hot water in Cipanas is most clear in Indonesia so many people linger to soak in Cipanas Garut.

With resort facilities, hotels and restaurants with so many classes, swimming pool, soak rooms, and accessibility which are very easy, make Cipanas as pre-eminent objects in Garut.

For those of you who like rafting, Garut also has the potential for rafting which is very challenging with beautiful views, precisely in the two rivers namely Cikandang and Cimanuk.

Besides the places mentioned above, if you like historic heritage buildings, Garut also has Cangkuang Temple, a heritage of  VII century, is situated on an island in the middle of the lake Cangkuang , where there are six traditional house is called Kampung Pulo. There, you can also surround the lake Cangkuang using bamboo raft of local tourism community while enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Actually there are some more others beautiful places that I have not mentioned, but I'll write it in my next post.